Spray & Go Toilet Pre-Spray

When nature calls, go ahead and answer. With Spray & Go toilet spray, a few spritzes before you sit will block embarrassing odor and refresh the air. Like our air fresheners, Spray & Go is made from the finest essential oils and plant extracts—and never any harmful phthalates. Each 2-ounce, non-aerosol, pump-spray aluminum bottle looks right at home in any bathroom—and is discreet enough to tuck in a purse, gym bag or even office drawer. Plus, every bottle contains 100 uses, so it’ll keep “going” for a long time.

2 fl. oz.
Lavender Vanilla Spray & Go

Spritz our plant-based toilet pre-spray in the bowl before you sit to refresh the restroom with a soft and subtle blend of lavender and vanilla. Not too sweet—not too overpowering—just naturally refreshing.

"I Purchased Spray & Go because I'm a big fan of Air Scense, their other product. I had no expectations, and was very pleasantly surprised! This stuff is amazing, and I'm now buying it for everyone I know who travels. Basically, without getting into details, you just spray a little into the toilet before you "go," and it eliminates odors. Really. I have a house of teenage boys, and needless to say, our bathroom gets a lot of use. There will now ALWAYS be a can of Spray & Go nearby to keep odors away & peace in the family. Anyone who has an issue with public bathrooms will be very happy with this product, and I think it's especially great for college dorms. It's a compact little can, so just tuck it into your pocket or shower kit. No one needs to know your business, so to speak. Definitely recommend."

2 fl. oz.
Citrus Spray & Go

A few spritzes in the bowl (before you sit, or even if you happen to walk in a recently used restroom) naturally refreshes the space with a zesty, effervescent, lemon-filled fragrance.

"Air Scense goes far and above their competitors "spray before you go" products. What I love about Air Scense is that they are completely open with the ingredients in their products unlike other popular companies. As a health nut I love this! You really have no idea what you are spraying with some of the other products and "parfume" or "perfume" could mean a number of things.

Air Scense Spray not only works better than other products that I have tried, but it smells FREAKING amazing. I seriously just want to spray it for the heck of it because it makes the entire bathroom smell great. I also love that it doesn't just "mask" what has happened in the bathroom, but leave a very obvious left over odor. It literally freshens up the area without everyone knowing why you sprayed it in the first place. Air Scense Spray all the way!"

~Mallory, Amazon.com

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