Air Scense® Air Fresheners

Called by many “the best air fresheners ever,” Air Scense, from the makers of Citra Solv, is made from the finest essential oils and plant extracts. Just a few spritzes is all you need to freshen the air with one of our fresh, aromatherapeutic scents: Orange, Vanilla, Lavender and Lime. Each 7-ounce, non-aerosol, pump-spray aluminum bottle contains up to 3000 sprays and looks right at home on just about any shelf or counter. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing you won’t fill the air with harmful phthalates.

7 fl. Oz.
Lavender Air Scense

Surround your senses with the vast purple fields of Provence with a lavender scented air freshener by Air Scense. Old world style marries a new fragrance sure to help you relax while relieving your stress and tension as you mist.

"Recently I stumbled on Air Scense while searching for an air freshener that didn’t have any harsh chemicals. What I love about the lavender scent in particular is that it takes me right back into my garden, especially now in the dead of winter. So when I can’t enjoy fresh lavender, I just mist my Air Scense and bring the outdoors in!”  - Laura S. Buffalo, NY

7 fl. Oz.
Orange Air Scense

Take that Florida vacation minus the plane ticket with the aura of an orange scented air freshener by Air Scense. One whiff will transport you to those Florida orange groves. Envelop your senses with citrus effusions reminiscent of warm summer nights from the natural essential oils.

"I love the scent of your Orange Air Scense so much that I run around the office spraying it every chance I get. It reminds me of a dream cycle (orange with just a bit of vanilla that adds a yummy, sweet note) and it doesn't have the fake smell that most air fresheners have. I usually buy a couple of cans at a time because I keep giving mine away to friends. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"  - Natalie T. NYC

7 fl. Oz.
Lime Air Scense

The Caribbean couldn’t get any closer than with just one spritz of a lime air freshener by Air Scense. Envision yourself plucking fresh limes off Caribbean trees as you stroll off into the sunset. Awaken your spirit and refresh your dwelling place with the naturally refreshing scent of lime.

"Thought I’d tell you that I really like your Air Scense Lime. The lime smell is very refreshing and it quickly neutralized unpleasant odors throughout the home. It leaves a clean, natural scent behind. No artificial smell at all, just a refreshing burst of lime. It’s like the smell you get when you cut a lime in half, only somehow better! Compared to other air fresheners I’ve used Air Scense Lime works faster and smells better. I think you have a great product." - Micheal P. Prescott, AZ

7 fl. Oz.
Vanilla Air Scense

Celebrate your birthday every day of the year with a vanilla scented air freshener by Air Scense wafting through your home. Like a cake baking in your oven, you will swoon over the inviting vanilla scent. Revive your senses and invigorate your living quarters with each spray and feel comfort in knowing you are using a plant derived air freshener.

"Just a quick note to tell how much I love your Vanilla Air Scense! I bought some on my last grocery store visit, but it sat on a shelf until yesterday. I had a hankering for tuna fish salad for lunch. Yikes! I had forgotten how fishy tuna fish can smell. I grabbed my new air freshener and sprayed. Wow! Instantly there was a lovely vanilla scent that reminded me of my Granny’s snickerdoodle cookies. Instantly I was no longer in a fish market, I was in her kitchen helping her bake. And it worked right away getting rid of that awful odor, leaving behind such a pure scent too. Air Scense Vanilla is the best. I truly appreciate having such a great product in my kitchen." - Sincerely, Christy R. Austin, TX