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TestimonialsGreat product! Liked it so much, that we now have a can of it in our restaurant, vacation rental & home bathrooms. We also plan to travel with it (en suite bathrooms have their pros & cons....). We had tried the cute competitor, but (unlike the other stuff) you can tell from the first squirt that, Spray&Go is loaded with natural essential oils, not synthetics. We were already big citrasolv fans, so when we tried their S&G potty product, we were very pleased, but not surprised. I wish every bathroom had this stuff!

-J Bell, Amazon.com


Just received my 1st Spray and Go-so excited as I'm a long time Air Scense user. The best part about them is all natural ingredients-not clogging up my airway and the environment with chemicals! The amount of fragrance is just right- not overwhelming-and eliminates the odor! Excited to take it to work as the restrooms could use some freshening up! Thanks Steve and Melissa for bringing such a great product-can't wait to try the Citrus!

-Deb, Amazon.com


I love the smell of this Air Scense Potty Spray. Some of the other brands a cloyingly sweet and almost as obnoxious as what they're trying to counter. You don't need any degree to use this product - it's not an "after spray" --- You use it first. Simply shake it up and spray INTO the toilet about 3 or 4 times. This puts a coating on the water that helps keep the you know what odor at bay.

I'll just come out and admit that I avoided using the rest rooms at work because I found it embarrassing to leave an odor trail so everyone would know my business. This small canister can fit in the smallest hand bag and go along with you. I especially like that the cap fits VERY snuggly so there is no danger of it coming loose and getting drippy in your bag.

This is a good product - better than most others on the market.

-Miss Barbara, Amazon.com


I have never used Poopouri myself, but have bought several bottles that my husband has gone through. When I saw this on Vine, I figured, you know what? I should try this type of product and see how I like it :) I'm here to tell you: it definitely works! I keep it in my bathroom (the master--the husband uses the main bath for his "extended stays") and my husband has been stealing it. He says it works just as well as poopouri. It's nice how it completely neutralizes the odors before they can even get into the air, and the lavender vanilla scent left over doesn't smell overpowering. I love how it doesn't take over the room like a traditional odor spray would.

I am very pleased, and would definitely purchase another bottle. I would buy either this or Poopouri, whichever happens to be more readily available and better priced. They seem to be about the same price for a 2oz bottle, currently.

-Holly, Amazon.com


Wow, this product is amazing! In our tiny house, everyone around "knows your business"... But Spray & Go makes #2 so discreet! In addition to its incredible masking capability, I love that this product is natural, and subtle - Spray & Go leaves behind only a trace of its fresh scent. Thank you, Air Scense - I'm taking one to the office!

-Donna, Amazon.com


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