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This stuff works miracles. I seem to have a skunk in close proximity to my bedroom window. Periodically this skunk sprays and the smell is horrible. I immediately grab my lavender spray and spray away. It says on the can to just spray once due to its concentration. Under normal circumstances this is true. Dealing with intense skunk odor, I had to use more than one, but it went away super-fast.

- Martha, CT

TestimonialsWe are a tough case study for air fresheners and huge fans of Air Scense! As a household with five wonderful dogs (all rescues!) who play outside,live inside and range in age from 6 to 15 ½ years old, you can just imagine (yep, take a moment) our ongoing need to eliminate unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, several of our canine and human family members have sensitive respiratory systems, so we have to steer clear of products that have synthetic scents or harsh chemicals. On top of this, when it comes to home scents, I’m picky—I don’t want my house to smell like a hospital, and I also don’t want it to compete with my perfume. With this in mind, we tried air fresheners, candles, and diffusers, but finding a product made of high-quality natural ingredients, that was ‘5-dog’ effective, and had a clean, fresh scent, was a challenge. So, when a well-meaning friend gave us a can of lavender Air Scense to try, we quickly got over our embarrassment and were thrilled to finally find the perfect solution to our 5-dog fresh air dilemma. I wholeheartedly recommend Air Scense. I’m even thinking of giving it as a gift to my sister (who has a cat), to my Uber driver (to use instead of the cardboard pine tree that hangs from her mirror) and to my dentist (my sneezing only prolongs the torture for both of us).


I have been using Air Scense for the past 8 years and never buy another brand of air freshener. The reason is the list of ingredients and the great scents. I use the orange in the bathroom, lavender in the bedroom, and lime in the kitchen and family room. The can lasts for a long time and is small enough to set anywhere. I recently moved to a remote area and will purchase the product on-line as there are no stores close that carry the product.

- Rebecca C.


I have been buying your product for about 20 years, maybe more. It is the only air spray I can stand. It actually seems to clean the air. I can’t stand smoking and when I get into a smoker's car I use it and it helps me to breathe....It is a wonderful product

- LouAnn T.


"Air Scense is the best air freshener we've ever found, and we've tried lots of them at our 16 guest room inn, the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn. I love it because it is made with all natural ingredients which make it smell fresh and clean, instead of overly perfumey, like most other sprays. It makes perfect sense to choose an air freshener that my family personally enjoys for our inn guests, as well. We have Air Scense in all of our guest rooms and also sell it in our gift shop, where it is a popular item with our guests!"

Cheers, Kim L.,
Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, Greenville, NY


They say lavender has aromatherapeutic properties, and I can absolutely vouch for that based solely on my experience with Air Scense! Maybe it's the fact that just 1 or 2 spritzes of AS magically & instantaneously erase nasty aromas. Maybe it's the pleasant, relaxing feeling you get when you take a sniff of the fresh, calming scent. I don't know how it works, I just know how effective this product is, and how I happily keep the pretty cans in every bathroom, and in the kitchen (don't fry without it) and mud room too. Thank you, Air Scense, for helping me keep my home smelling wonderfully, naturally fresh!

- Maxine, NYC


I work in a small office that every so often has a mouse get behind the wall and die. We know this because of the awful smell that you get hit with coming up the stairs. The only thing that gets us through the work day is your Air Scense. We alternate between the Orange and the Lime – spritzing it every couple of hours to cover up the smell. It’s a wonderful Air Freshener most of the time – but a life-saver when it comes to surviving the dead mouse in the wall – stink! Thanks! Please don’t ever stop making it!

- Tiara O., Carmel, NY


We have been using your Air Scense in our home for years and love the way it smells and works. We have several cans dispersed throughout the house. I never knew if my kids appreciate your air freshener as much as I did, until my daughter went off to college and stole the can of Vanilla to take with her. Guess that answers that! Thanks for such a wonderful product that we all love!

- The “Smith” family


"Dazzle your five senses with the sensational Air Scense natural air fresheners by Citra Solv! Fueled by the power of essential oils there’s four spectacular scents to choose from. And I know as a mom I shouldn’t play favorites, but I’m absolutely smitten with the orange. Yet as a gardener, I daily welcome the whiff of lavender wafting through my home. It was love at first spritz! How fantastic it is to neutralize home and pet odors without having to use any harsh chemicals. In fact, I’m tempted to spray these on myself as perfume....yes, they smell that good! And who doesn’t appreciate a company that provides the ingredient list to their products? These days, it’s more about what’s not in the product than what is. As soon as I started using Air Scense, my chemically laden room sprays went right in the trash. No more excuses. I feel great about using a product that works wonders without the harsh and harmful chemicals. Thanks Citra Solv!”

- Laura Sproul, Raise Your Garden Blog


When it’s my turn to carpool for my son’s Little League team, I have a list of “must-haves” for the ride: Healthy snacks, water, a good playlist, and my absolute life-saver, a can of Air Scense. Anyone who has ever been with a bunch of athletic boys in tight quarters knows how necessary it is to have a reliable, very efficient air freshener! Best of all, because it’s all natural, I don’t have to worry about any lingering toxins (or odors!). Thank you so much for making the games more pleasant!

-Shelly B.


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