As the secret behind pleasantly scented homes for more than 25 years, Air Scense has built up a trusted following. Customers rely on our natural essential oils to neutralize—not mask—odors and leave behind a wonderfully fresh scent. We invite you to try our plant-based air freshener and toilet pre-spray yourself and see why we’ve grown to become the #1 selling air freshener in the Naturals category.

Air Scense® Air Freshener

Air Scense… Refreshing Your Home, Naturally!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could refresh a room without overpowering it with synthetic scents? Made with essential oils, our naturally refreshing air freshener lets you do just that. Plus, essential oils are known for their aromatherapy benefits, so a little spritz might even enhance your well-being.

Pick up Air Scense Air Fresheners in natural product stores and supermarkets (try our handy Store Locator) or online. We invite you to try any of our super-fresh fragrances to see (and smell) the refreshing difference.



Spray & Go® Toilet Pre-spray


Spray & Go … They’ll never know™

Let’s face it. When you have to go, you have to go. Luckily, Spray & Go toilet pre-spray lets you keep it your little secret.

Made with natural essential oils and plant extracts, it creates an odor-proof layer to block any unpleasantness.

Find Spray & Go in natural products stores, supermarkets and online.

Try our handy Store Locator to find a retailer near you, or order right here.

We hope you’ll pick up a can to see (and smell) the refreshing difference.

Spray & Go Toilet Spray
Spray 3-5 times in the toilet
You're good to go
Spray & go - they'll never know

Air Scense - Our Roots in Natural go deep
A Passion for 20+ Years

Our customers have trusted us to naturally refresh their homes for more than 20 years—way before 'natural' was a buzzword. Their confidence has made us one of the top-selling air fresheners in Naturals, an honor we take seriously.

Air Scense - A nose for perfection
For a Noticeable Difference

Not all-natural essential oils are created equal. We’re quite particular when it comes to choosing only the finest essential oils and extracts—and we work hard to sniff out the best scent combinations to delight your discerning sense of smell.

Air Scense - We're an open book
Full Disclosure: We’re an Open Book

We know just how naturally friendly the ingredients in our products are—and we believe you should, too. That’s why you’ll find the full list of ingredients on our label and website. You don’t have to just take our word.


Everything we do is driven by our desire to exceed the expectations of our customers and every product is the result of our commitment to offer only the best. That's why each of our products comes with a Money Back Guarantee (See contact page for more information). We encourage you to email or write us with your thoughts on our family of products: